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Tripod Stool by Jean Raymond Picard

Tripod Stool by Jean Raymond Picard

Product: Tripod Stool

Designer: Jean Raymond Picard

Manufacturer: Seta

Release date: circa 1955

Dimensions: h: 55 cm, diameter: 31 cm

Materials: fiberglass and steel

Price: on request at antibeige

Today „fiberglass“ (gfrp: glass-fiber reinforced plastic) is a well-known material, from furniture to boatbuilding – and even race cars. But in the Fifties, it was still very experimental to work with. Of course, the first things that come to mind are the early 50’s versions of the fiberglass chairs by Charles & Ray Eames. In France, you may have seen fabulous chairs by Pierre Guariche.

And here we have a rare early example of a „Tabouret“, a tripod stool by Jean Raymond Picard. He also designed the first French chair in fiberglass (in a matching design). Both are known to be produced by „Seta“, a French interior company of that time. It would make a very nice entry hall chair to put your keys and wallet on – but maybe you wouldn’t use it for everyday seating.

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