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Lamborghini Rim Moulds

Lamborghini Rim Moulds

Product: Rim Models

Year: ca. 2010

Dimensions: H: 62, W: 62 cm, D: 11 cm

Materials: Synthetic Resin

Price: on request at antibeige

These are original Lamborghini rim moulds resin forms for the wheels of Lamborghini‘s ‚Sesto Elemento‘, first presented in Paris in 2010. Its name referred to the sixth element in the periodic table: carbon (or carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic, used for the body, chassis and other components of the super sportscar). The production model was limited to 20 vehicles and cost about 2.9 million Dollar.

These are two pieces of car design history, now laqcuered in original Lamborghini colour ‚Giallo Corona‘. Each block weighs approx. 30-40 kg (so please don’t hang them on a lightweight wall). They would fit perfectly into a collector’s garage – or into a skycraper’s penthouse.

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