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Brutalism to switch on

Brutalism to switch on

Product: Table Lamp

Designer: unknown

Manufacturer: unknown

Release date: unknown

Dimensions: h: 43,5 cm, d: 30 cm, w: 30 cm

Price: on request at antibeige

Every now and then we find something on our treasure hunt that even we can’t classify: no designer name, no manufacturer logo, but a treasure nonetheless. Here’s another nice example: a table lamp somewhere between brutalist modern and minimal art, its sculptural quality making it expressive and impressive at the same time. This lamp must be a unique, handmade piece.

The luminaire consists of three rectangular upstanding tubes, which end at different heights with a bend to the outside and a light bulb in each of the angled ends. The material, probably bronze or brass, has a gray-green, uniformly rough (cast?) surface, like coarse concrete. It makes a wonderful centerpiece on a big table or kitchen island, softly illuminating the area around itself.

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