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The Mickey Mouse Drawer

The Mickey Mouse Drawer by Pierre Colleu

Product: Mickey Mouse Drawer

Designer: Pierre Colleu

Manufacturer: Starform

Year: 1980

Dimensions: h: 117, w: 100 cm, d: 60 cm

Materials: painted resin, laminated wood, plastic

Price: on request

„Oh, how cute!“ – if you’re a Disney fan, these objects may make your heart beat faster. But they are more than just early Disney licensed products: they are rare pieces of postmodern design history. Designer Pierre Colleu, born in 1948, studied product design at the ‚Ecole des Arts Appliqués à l’Industrie‘ in Paris.

He founded his own studio, worked as an expert in the usage of new materials in design, architecture and the building industry overall and was responsible for the development of new products at the ‚Institut des Arts et Techniques des Polymeres‘.

He presented innovative ideas on television, took part in exhibitions from Las Vegas to Beijing and was awarded with innovation and design prizes, from water treatment to renewable energy. His company, ‚Groupe Impact Design‘, „has made it its mission to develop furniture for the 21st century: furniture for living, furniture for dreaming, furniture that makes life easier and more pleasant.

It has developed resources modelled on those of the automotive industry: a research and product simulation centre, a machining centre for prototypes in various materials, the production of complex tools, the development of new techniques and a research department for intelligent furniture.“

As a true innovator, Pierre Colleu designed futuristic vehicles, lightweight bioclimatic houses, fiberglass chairs, rolling furniture – most of it really experimental and avantgarde. And some fun objects also, like furniture in the shape of cartoon characters. These unique Disney licensed objects were produced by Starform in the 80s in small series.

The cabinet forms Mickey’s „square body“ with four drawers, sitting on yellow „feet“. The head on top is pretty realistic in its character, arms and hands are added, the left hand holds a platter ideal for your wallet, key and sunglasses (or your kids crayons).

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