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Sphere Chair by Boris Tabacoff

Sphere Chair by Boris Tabacoff

Product: Sphere Chair

Designer: Boris Tabacoff

Manufacturer: M. M. M. Mobillier Modulaire Modern

Dimensions: h: 75 cm, w: 55 cm, d: 55 cm

Materials: metal, plexiglas, leather, upholstry

Price: on request at antibeige

Space age and the race to the moon had a strong influence on global culture: from architecture to film, from fashion to furniture. Interior design became increasingly experimental: Eero Aarnio designed his spectacular ‚Ball Chair‘ in 1963,

Joe Colombo shaped the 1960s with his futuristic furniture and lamps, Stanley Kubrick produced his science fiction milestone ‚2001 – a space odyssey‘ in 1968 (and the space Hilton featured Djinn chairs by Olivier Mourgue).

In 1970 a Bulgarian born, but French raised designer started to work for the famous glass and tableware company Baccarat and the French furniture manufacturer M.M.M. at the same time.

Boris Tabacoff (1927-1985) often experimented with asymmetrical shapes and developed a certainly distinctive „floating“ style. His famous ‚Narcissus‘ glass series in Baccarat Crystal balances on an off-center base and his tables and chairs also step out of line.

His 1971 ‚Sphère‘ chairs are a good example of this: the spherical seat shell sits on a vertical bar that extends off to the side and ends at a single point on a circular base.

The chrome steel frame strongly contrasts with the smoky brown plexiglass shell (French: altuglas, American: lucite). Inside the shell you’ll find removable round cushions with white leather upholstery.

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