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Villa Honegg

Villa Honegg presented by Ā»Hotels in HeavenĀ«

One of the most spectacular boutique hotels in Switzerland, perfect for getting a breath of Alpine air. The hotel impresses with its character, art nouveau style and exorbitant service.

The centre of the hotel is the sun terrace, where late risers can still enjoy an extensive breakfast at 12:00 am. What we found so special about this hotel?

It is definitely the view of Lake Lucerne, which you can enjoy from the 36 degree heated infinity pool. It can happen that you forget the time…


Gretha Heisig

(Editor-in-Chief of Hotels in Heaven)

Good morning!
High above Lake Lucerne
No need to go anywhere else
One of the 23 rooms
Breakfast with a view
The indoor pool in the spa area
The heated outdoor pool
Bring on the night

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