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Introducing Restaurant Macionga in Berlin

André Macionga, one of Germany’s most distinguished sommeliers, has opened his own restaurant in Berlin together with top chef Sebastian Leyer.

Just a two-minute’s walk away from the famous KuDamm, the old but revived boulevard of Berlin, Restaurant Macionga started just weeks ago.

»Everyone can expect a wild journey on the palate, promised.«
Sebastian Leyer and André Macionga (@Maria Montilla)
Congratulations on opening your first own restaurant, André! How did it come about?

Thank you very much! In fact, the dream of owning my own restaurant was always there. I first thought about it in 2002, during my training as a restaurant specialist. A lifelong dream came true for me, and, despite very special external circumstances, it is the perfect time for me right now.

Sebastian Leyer - on the right (@Maria Montilla)
(@Maria Montilla)
(@Maria Montilla)
(@Maria Montilla)
(@Maria Montilla)
How did the connection with Sebastian Leyer come about and what makes him a ideal partner?

I met Sebastian through our mutual friends who run by far the best breakfast restaurant in Berlin, which is called “Frühstück 3000”. For me, Sebastian is the absolute top choice. Personally, professionally and also in terms of sharing the same visions.

He has previously worked as a chef in top restaurants and his project as a perma-gardener gives him the opportunity to supply us with the best regional vegetables and herbs.

(@Maria Montilla)
(@Maria Montilla)
(@Maria Montilla)
What is the culinary concept of your restaurant?

Our Restaurant Macionga is about two wonderful concepts in one. Firstly, the entrance or “pub” area, where you can easily walk in without a reservation and order wonderful small dishes from the “pub menu” plus a glass of wine or beer. The second area is our restaurant, which serves fine seasonal and regional cuisine.

Most of our ingredients come directly from our chef Sebastian Leyer, who runs a small perma-culture garden in the north of Berlin. The menu consists of our 6-course menu “Urkraft”, a daily menu with changing delicacies, and our idea “Tisch voll” (“Full table”) means Chef Choice in three courses.

André Macionga (@Maria Montilla)
(@Maria Montilla)
(@Maria Montilla)
Your wine list offers more than 700 options. What can your guests expect in terms of wine accompaniment?

When it comes to wine pairing, our guests can expect anything that is fun. You should be open to my slightly more special idea of food and wine. It’s always a 3D on the palate, always in excellent quality, of course.

Which does not mean that it always has to be “everybody’s darling”. Some combinations are charming, while others have rough edges, just like life itself. So, everyone can expect a wild journey on the palate, promised.

Thank you, André!

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