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Our favourite Santorini spot

Introducing Elio’s at the NOUS Santorini

The new Elio’s, located in the NOŪS Resort on the stunning island of Santorini, is our favourite spot on the island this summer.

Inspired by the Italian American Chophouses of Little Italy, the menu at Elio’s evokes nostalgic feelings with its selection of specialities from classic Italian cuisine.

»The world, when well mixed, is a wonderful place and Elio’s proves that tastily.«

At Elio’s, guests can start with traditional antipasti such as the delicious burrata with sweet and sour Sicilian caponata, ricotta and Parmesan meatballs or the Tuscan-style panzanella salad with grilled bread, pickled onions and roasted tomatoes.

The Mediterranean crudo with fresh fish and seafood from the island, such as the sea bass carpaccio-style ala Puttanesca or the warm Sicilian prawns with lemon from Sorento, peppers and olive oil, are characterised by an unmistakably light and enticing taste. For the “primi piatti”, Elio’s presents timeless recipes such as the succulent Neapolitan sea bass “acqua pazza”, the scallops “olio pepperoncino” and the Venetian-style tongue with capers and confit lemon.

The main outdoor pool at the NOŪS

No classic Italian table would be complete without the iconic Chicken Cacciatore, Saltimbocca Romana and Milanese-style Schnitzel dishes, which are also on Elio’s menu. The restaurant’s meat specialist, “il Macellaio”, recommends special cuts of steak, including club steak pizzaiola, Delmonico ribeye, a bone-in filet, and the famous porterhouse, which is none other than the famous bistecca ala Fiorentina.

Refined and lively, Bar Elio’s takes inspiration from Italy, combining modern design with traditional aesthetic elements. It is the best choice to end the evening with a delicious digestif or a perfect cocktail. The offerings include the classic Italian spritzer, grappa, amaro, vermouth and, last but not least, the best negroni on the island.

Elio’s brings the big-city hype of Italian-American “ristorantes” to Noūs. It serves timeless Italian cuisine with a modern flair on a beautiful terrace next to the hotel’s swimming pool, where guests can enjoy unobstructed, breathtaking views of the island.

The ambience is enhanced by the brilliantly curated music featuring a fusion of Italo disco, swing, soul and jazz, complemented by the energetic rhythms of New York funk, R&B and hip-hop. Now that’s the place you can meet some of our folks this summer 🙂

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