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Introducing Natalie Herzlieb – Clean Beauty Concept Founder

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This time we introduce you to »Clean Beauty Concept« by Natalie Herzlieb.

Clean Beauty Concept combines natural mindfulness rituals with a 100% pure skin care programme.

Containing only natural and organic ingredients, the treatment is a highly effective alternative to Botox and lifting. Founder Natalie Herzlieb, explains her passion for natural skin care.

»It’s particularly important for me to ‘show your face without losing it’.«
Founder Natalie Herzlieb
Please tell us a little bit about you and Clean Beauty Concept

Beauty was and is my great passion. It all began in 1999 when I joined L’Oréal Luxe, followed by 20 exciting years of working with international manufacturers and brands from the beauty industry and meeting beauty luminaries like Austria’s leading dermatologist, Dr. Hajnal Kiprov.

Throughout the course of my career, I was able to gain valuable insights and successfully incorporate them into the founding of Clean Beauty Concept.


What made you launch Clean Beauty Concept? Was there a key moment?

I was searching for a suitable product for my dry, sensitive skin and a natural alternative to facelifts and fillers. Early on, it awakened my desire to found my own beauty label, with products that leave the skin radiant, free of any kinds of toxins.

In 2020, the time had come and I launched Clean Beauty Concept. It’s particularly important for me to ‘show your face without losing it’. Many women want to look fresher, more attractive and younger without losing the character of their individual face. We all want a natural glow, radiance, a relaxed facial expression and firm facial contours. But we don’t want skin that has been over-perfected by operations and toxins with unnatural-looking facial features.

The cosmetics industry often fails to take into account that forehead wrinkles, frown lines or crow’s feet around the eyes create a negative, tired and stressed facial expression. Wrinkles are not only caused by loss of elasticity of the skin, but also by tension of the muscles. This is the area that our No-Tox Magic-Facial-Ritual focuses on. It consists of essence, oil and Bian stone to relax the deep muscle tissue.

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What’s unique about your concept?

It’s the simplicity of it: 3 steps, 3 products, 3 minutes for more natural beauty. All it takes is 3 minutes of daily application and puffiness disappears, wrinkles begin to smooth out and the face regains its natural contour. You can see the results immediately – It’s a natural lifting effect without surgical intervention and without toxins.  We call it the 3-minute miracle: our No-Tox Magic Facial. It provides a natural lift, intensely moisturises and delivers a fantastic glow.

We also use a thousand-year-old Chinese medicine method for improving the complexion – the Gua Sha ritual – and combine it with modern aspects and innovative technology. The traditional pressing and stroking technique releases tension, decongests the connective tissue, tightens and supports the detoxification process of the skin.

The intensively moisturising Super Glowy Essence refreshes and nourishes the complexion and the organic rosehip seed oil, rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins A, C and E, stimulates collagen formation and cell renewal.

Plus, with every purchase of one our rituals, customers can book an online course with me to show them how to perform the treatment in their own home.

What makes your brand sustainable?

Sustainability was key for me from the outset. I didn’t just want everything that we put into our products to be clean, but also everything around it. We’ve avoided outer packaging and ensure perfect preservation conditions for the product, responsibly sourced labels and user-friendliness. Short distances are equally important: all our products are manufactured in Austria.

They’re made from 100% pure, natural and certified organic ingredients. They’re vegan and not tested on animals, free from parabens, phthalates, PEGs, silicones, preservatives and artificial fragrances. Our products contain no alcohol and are suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Thank you, Natalie!

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