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Futurologist Max in our latest chat about AI et al

Max Thinius is a leading futurologist with a focus on digitalisation, urban development, education and politics. From time to time we chat with our Berlin-based friend and it’s always fun … and always educational, of course.

»At the moment I’m playing with every day and am fascinated by the many possibilities.«
Hey Max! Which future topic inspires you the most right now?

How artificial intelligence, ChatGPT, and others are changing our everyday life … and above all will give people access to digitality who have not had it before, such as older people, people who are not computer-savvy, etc.

Why will access be easier in the future?

Today, we think of artificial intelligence as a platform where we go to get a text or search for something on the internet. In the future, we will have a portal where our own AI works for us. For older people who today, for example, have difficulties with online banking or buying an online ticket, this is what it will look like in the future: They just open their own AI platform and say, “Dear Max AI, please transfer money from my account to …” Or: “Dear Max AI, book me a train ride for the next three Frankfurt dates in my calendar.”

Our AI will do all that and will take into account how we like to sit plus what travel times we prefer. This changes something crucial in the way we deal with digitality: we don’t use it in parallel with our lives, it integrates itself into our everyday life and provides direct assistance … and the same works with all applications, of course: “Create an Excel table for me from the last three business reports, together with the studies and see if we can draw the following conclusions from it … The digital world is now starting to be really useful!

Which AI tool would you currently recommend trying out?

Richard Socher founded He is German and was also involved in the founding of OpenAI, which launched ChatGPT today. He left the platform at that time because he felt ChatGPT was the wrong way to go. If you look into a bit, you know why. While ChatGPT is a pure platform, already offers customisation options. It also offers many different AIs: for texting, programming, searching, creating images, diagrams, etc. One can access them via apps, just like on the phone.

Since the AIs are relatively specialised, their results are much better than with a general tool. They offer that with YouChat too, but if you have specialised tasks, you’re faster with the other one. I also assume that personalised tasks could be quickly embedded here, like connecting to one’s own bank account etc. And it’s a real experience when you don’t have to go through two pages of advertising or Google-optimised search results, but are presented with a really well-founded selection. can also search. There are thousands of other AIs – but for a start this is very good (and much better than ChatGPT) … as always at the moment, the results in English are still the best.

Alright, thanks for the input 👍 What’s next for you?

At the moment I’m playing with every day and am fascinated by the many possibilities 😉 Beyond that, it’s a lot on stage with the show “ZUKUNFT unplugged” and other formats. Warmly, happily into the future of us all! Max

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